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Reddit K-Pop Census Results 2020


It almost took us the same amount of time this year as it did last year. We think it's worth the wait. The results are in and we can't wait to share them with you!
This year we've received a tremendous amount of help from u/gates0fdawn. She designed the whole infographic you'll see linked below, we're super grateful she took the time to create this, we think it looks super good.
I would also like to shout out valuable community members who helped us out with both proofreading and giving valuable opinions. One of our Discord Mods: OldWhiskeyGuy from the subreddit discord server helped with proofreading a lot. u/SirBuckeye for valuable input and thoughts as well as industry officials who doesn't want to be named. Super thankful for all the help!
Yet again we kept the age gate, so every account created after August 1st were not allowed to participate in the census.

Click me to view the Census Results!

Breakdown and Comparison

Personal Questions

Where Do You Currently Live?

  • World Region - 56.8% of the participants are based in North America, majority in the US. 22% are in Europe, majority in the UK. 10.3% in Asia, with most users in Philippines, Singapore and India.
  • Time Zones - Check the infographic for a better overview for this one. Majority of users are in UTC-05 and UTC-06.

K-Pop Engagement Questions

  • How were you first exposed to K-pop? - This first segment got divided into two questions this year. Most of our users had their first exposure to K-Pop through a friend, co-worker or classmate. A lot also had their first exposure to K-Pop through Youtube videos and recommendations. 10.6% were exposed to K-Pop through Gangnam Style.
  • What got you into K-pop? - 29.2% said that there were specific artists / groups that made you stay in the genre. 25.7% got into K-Pop from specific songs and MVs. 15.4 were interested in the songs and albums.
  • When did you start listening to K-Pop? - The users who started listening to K-pop 5-3 years ago was the largest % here at 19.5%. Last year, 7.8% of our users started listening to K-Pop less than a year ago, that's now gone down to 5.2%.
  • How do you listen to K-Pop? - Paid streaming rose from 62.2% last year to 63.8% this year. Piracy declined from 18.3% to 14.5%.
  • What other genres do you listen to? - New question this year. The largest three genres were Pop (80.5%), Hip-Hop / Rap (47.1%) and Rock (42.4%)
  • Do you know Korean? - 75.9% know very little to no Korean. This is roughly the same as last years census at 75.9%. 3.3% can speak conversational Korean.
  • Are you learning Korean? - 38.1% wants to learn but haven't taken it seriously yet. 13.5% are actively engaged in learning Korean.
  • Where do you get your K-Pop news? - 98.8% use kpop to get their news. Twitter, group subreddits, Youtube and Instagram also score high.
  • How often do you visit kpop? - 35.5% visit kpop multiple times a day. while 31.2% visit about once a day. 21.4% visit a few times per week.
  • What is your primary way to view kpop? - 44.5% use the official mobile app. This has decreased from last years 60%. 18.1% use Desktop Redesign (me included). This has now overtaken Desktop Old Design at 16.9%.
  • Is this your first kpop census? Not included as a question in the infographic. 50.8% said that this is their first census. 22.5% had their first census last year. 26.7% said that their first census was two or more years ago.

Favourite Artists

Favourite Soloists:

  1. IU (2175 votes)
  2. Chungha (2004 votes)
  3. Sunmi (1782 votes)
  4. Taeyeon (1442 votes)
  5. Taemin (1080 votes)
  6. Agust D / Suga (1046 votes)
  7. Hwasa (1046 votes)
  8. Baekhyun (900 votes)
  9. Hyuna (879 votes)
  10. Zico (700 votes)
IU (1st, 2175) reclaims the 1st place over Chungha (2nd, 2004).
Sunmi (3rd, 1782), Taeyeon (4th, 1442) and Taemin (5th, 1080) keep their same position as last years census.
Agust D (6th, 1046) has moved from last year's 8th place and moved up to a combined 6th place with newcomer Hwasa (6th, 1046) Hwasa was previously voted 17th place at last years census.
Baekhyun (8th, 900) was placed at 16th place at last years census but now climbed up to 8th.
Hyuna (9th, 879) was 7th place at last years census but is now at 9th place. Zico (10th, 700) was voted to 23rd place last year, he's now up to 10th place.
Artists who dropped out of the top 10: RM (12th, 658), Heize (13th, 637), Dean (14th, 620).

Favourite Groups:

  1. Red Velvet (2857 votes)
  2. TWICE (2410 votes)
  3. BTS (1876 votes)
  4. ITZY (1555 votes)
  5. BLACKPINK (1550 votes)
  6. MAMAMOO (1464 votes)
  7. NCT (All Units) (1382 votes)
  8. LOONA (All Units) (1345 votes)
  9. (G)I-DLE (1334 votes)
  10. EXO (1320 votes)
Red Velvet (1st, 2857) retakes their throne over TWICE (2nd, 2410) this year.
BTS (3rd, 1876) is still topping the boy group vote.
ITZY (4th, 1555) was placed 12th place last year. They have now moved up and taken the 4th place, they have pushed Girls' Generation (12th, 1155) out of the top 10.
LOONA (8th, 1345) was 4th last year but has now been overtaken by NCT (7th, 1382), MAMAMOO (6th, 1464) and Blackpink (5th, 1550).
EXO (10th, 1320) went from 8th last year to 10th this year.
Artists who dropped out of the top 10: Girls' Generation (12th, 1155).
I recommend checking the infographic for this one to see the differences in male and female voting in both favourite groups and favourite soloists.

Final Note

Thank you all for participating in this years census! Sorry it took a little while for us to upload it, but we tried to do it as fast as possible. If there are any questions you'd like to see altered or improved for next years census then we're all ears. We think more data is better.
Cheers, and stay safe during this crazy pandemic.
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[Table] Asteroid Day AMA – We’re engineers and scientists working on a mission that could, one day, help save humankind from asteroid extinction. Ask us anything!

There are several people answering: Paolo Martino is PM, Marco Micheli is MM, Heli Greus is HG, Detlef Koschny is DVK, and Aidan Cowley is AC.
Questions Answers
Can we really detect any asteroids in space with accuracy and do we have any real means of destroying it? Yes, we can detect new asteroids when they are still in space. Every night dozens of new asteroids are found, including a few that can come close to the Earth.
Regarding the second part of the question, the goal would be to deflect them more than destroy them, and it is technologically possible. The Hera/DART mission currently being developed by ESA and NASA will demonstrate exactly this capability.
I always wanted to ask: what is worse for life on Earth - to be hit by a single coalesced asteroid chunk, or to be hit by a multiple smaller pieces of exploded asteroid, aka disrupted rubble pile scenario? DVK: This is difficult to answer. If the rubble is small (centimetres to meters) it is better to have lots of small ones – they’d create nice bright meteors. If the rubble pieces are tens of meters it doesn’t help.
Let’s say that hypothetically, an asteroid the size of Rhode Island is coming at us, it will be a direct hit - you’ve had the resources and funding you need, your plan is fully in place, everything you’ve wanted you got. The asteroid will hit in 10 years, what do you do? DVK: I had to look up how big Rhode Island is – a bit larger than the German Bundesland ‘Saarland’. Ok – this would correspond to an object about 60 km in diameter, right? That’s quite big – we would need a lot of rocket launches, this would be extremely difficult. I would pray. The good news is that we are quite convinced that we know all objects larger than just a few kilometers which come close to our planet. None of them is on a collision course, so we are safe.
the below is a reply to the above
Why are you quite convinced that you know all object of that size? And what is your approach in finding new celestial bodies? DVK: There was a scientific study done over a few years (published in Icarus 2018, search for Granvik) where they modelled how many objects there are out there. They compared this to the observations we have with the telescopic surveys. This gives us the expected numbers shown here on our infographic:
There are additional studies to estimate the ‘completeness’ – and we think that we know everything above roughly a few km in size.
To find new objects, we use survey telescopes that scan the night sky every night. The two major ones are Catalina and Pan-STARRS, funded by NASA. ESA is developing the so-called Flyeye telescope to add to this effort
the below is a reply to the above
Thanks for the answer, that's really interesting! It's also funny that the fist Flyeye deployed is in Sicily, at less than 100km from me, I really had no idea DVK: Indeed, that's cool. Maybe you can go and visit it one day.
the below is a reply to the original answer
What about Interstellar objects however, like Oumuamua? DVK: The two that we have seen - 'Oumuamua and comet Borisov - were much smaller than the Saarland (or Rhode Island ;-) - not sure about Borisov, but 'Oumuamua was a few hundred meters in size. So while they could indeed come as a complete surprise, they are so rare that I wouldn't worry.
Would the public be informed if an impending asteroid event were to happen? And, how would the extinction play out? Bunch of people crushed to death, knocked off our orbit, dust clouds forever? DVK: We do not keep things secret – all our info is at the web page The ‘risky’ objects are in the ‘risk page’. We also put info on really close approaches there. It would also be very difficult to keep things ‘under cover’ – there are many high-quality amateur astronomers out there that would notice.
In 2029 asteroid Apophis will fly really close to Earth, even closer than geostationary satellites. Can we use some of those satellites to observe the asteroid? Is it possible to launch very cheap cube sats to flyby Apophis in 2029? DVK: Yes an Apophis mission during the flyby in 2029 would be really nice. We even had a special session on that topic at the last Planetary Defense Conference in 2019, and indeed CubeSats were mentioned. This would be a nice university project – get me a close-up of the asteroid with the Earth in the background!
the below is a reply to the above
So you’re saying it was discussed and shelved? In the conference we just presented ideas. To make them happen needs funding - in the case of ESA the support of our member countries. But having something presented at a conference is the first step. One of the results of the conference was a statement to space agencies to consider embarking on such a mission. See here:
Go to the section 'resolutions'. This is now a statement that scientists can use to present to their funding agencies, demonstrating that it's not just their own idea.
Thanks for doing this AMA! Did we know the Chelyabinsk meteor in 2013 (the one which had some great videos on social media) was coming? Ig not, how comes? Also, as a little side one, have there been any fatalities from impact events in the past 20 years? Unfortunately, the Chelyabinsk object was not seen in advance, because it came from the direction of the Sun where ground-based telescopes cannot look.
No known fatalities from impacts have happened in the past 20 years, although the Chelyabinsk event did cause many injuries, fortunately mostly minor.
the below is a reply to the above
How often do impacts from that direction happen, compared to impacts from visible trajectories? In terms of fraction of the sky, the area that cannot be easily scanned from the ground is roughly a circle with a radius of 40°-50° around the current position of the Sun, corresponding to ~15% of the total sky. However, there is a slight enhancement of objects coming from that direction, therefore the fraction of objects that may be missed when heading towards us is a bit higher.
However, this applies only when detecting an asteroid in its "final plunge" towards the Earth. Larger asteroids can be spotted many orbits earlier, when they are farther away and visible in the night side of the sky. Their orbits can then be determined and their possible impacts predicted even years or decades in advance.
There must be a trade-off when targeting asteroids as they get closer to Earth, is there a rule of thumb at what the best time is to reach them, in terms of launch time versus time to reach the asteroid and then distance from Earth? DVK: Take e.g. a ‘kinetic impactor’ mission, like what DART and Hera are testing. Since we only change the velocity of the asteroid slightly, we need to hit the object early enough so that the object has time to move away from it’s collision course. Finding out when it is possible to launch requires simulations done by our mission analysis team. They take the strength of the launcher into account, also the available fuel for course corrections, and other things. Normally each asteroid has its own best scenario.
Do you also look at protecting the moon from asteroids? Would an impact of a large enough scale potentially have major impacts on the earth? DVK: There are programmes that monitor the Moon and look for flashes from impacting small asteroids (or meteoroids) - https://neliota.astro.noa.g or the Spanish MIDAS project. We use the data to improve our knowledge about these objects. These programmes just look at what is happening now.
For now we would not do anything if we predicted a lunar impact. I guess this will change once we have a lunar base in place.
Why aren't there an international organisation comprised of countries focused on the asteroid defence? Imagine like the organisation with multi-billion $ budget and program of action on funding new telescopes, asteroid exploration mission, plans for detection of potentially dangerous NEA, protocols on action after the detection - all international, with heads of states discussing these problems? DVK: There are international entities in place, mandated by the UN: The International Asteroid Warning Network ( and the Space Mission Planning Advisory Group ( These groups advise the United Nations. That is exactly where we come up with plans and protocols on action. But: They don’t have budget – that needs to come from elsewhere. I am expecting that if we have a real threat, we would get the budget. Right now, we don’t have a multi-billion budget.
the below is a reply to someone else's answer
There is no actual risk of any sizable asteroids hitting earth in the foreseeable future. Any preparation for it would just be a waste of money. DVK: Indeed, as mentioned earlier, we do not expect a large object to hit is in the near future. We are mainly worried about those in the size range of 20 m to 40 m, which happen on average every few tens of years to hundreds of years. And where we only know a percent of them or even less.
President Obama wanted to send a crewed spacecraft to an asteroid - in your opinion is this something that should still be done in the future, would there be any usefulness in having a human being walk/float on an asteroid's surface? DVK: It would definitely be cool. I would maybe even volunteer to go. Our current missions to asteroids are all robotic, the main reason is that it is much cheaper (but still expensive) to get the same science. But humans will expand further into space, I am sure. If we want to test human exploration activities, doing this at an asteroid would be easier than landing on a planet.
this is another reply Yes, but I am slightly biased by the fact that I work at the European astronaut centre ;) There exist many similarities to what we currently do for EVA (extra vehicular activities) operations on the International Space Station versus how we would 'float' around an asteroid. Slightly biased again, but using such a mission to test exploration technologies would definitely still have value. Thanks Obama! - AC
I've heard that some asteroids contains large amounts of iron. Is there a possibility that we might have "space mines" in the far away future, if our own supply if iron runs out? Yes, this is a topic in the field known as space mining, part of what we call Space Resources. In fact, learning how we can process material we might find on asteroids or other planetary bodies is increasingly important, as it opens up the opportunities for sustainable exploration and commercialization. Its a technology we need to master, and asteroids can be a great target for testing how we can create space mines :) - AC
By how much is DART expected to deflect Didymos? Do we have any indication of the largest size of an asteroid we could potentially deflect? PM: Didymos is a binary asteroid, consisting of a main asteroid Didymos A (~700m) and a smaller asteroid Didymos B (~150m) orbiting around A with a ~12 hours period. DART is expected to impact Didymos B and change its orbital period w.r.t. Didymos A of ~1%. (8 mins)
The size of Didymos B is the most representative of a potential threat to Earth (the highest combination of probability and consequence of impacts), meaning smaller asteroids hit the Earth more often but have less severe consequences, larger asteroids can have catastrophic consequences but their probability of hitting the earth is very very low.
the below is a reply to the above
Why is there less probability of larger asteroids hitting earth? DVK: There are less large objects out there. The smaller they are, the more there are.
the below is a reply to the original answer
Is there any chance that your experiment will backfire and send the asteroid towards earth? PM: Not at all, or we would not do that :) Actually Dimorphos (the Didymos "moon") will not even leave its orbit around Didymos. It will just slightly change its speed.
I'm sure you've been asked this many times but how realistic is the plot of Armageddon? How likely is it that our fate as a species will rely on (either) Bruce Willis / deep sea oil drillers? Taking into consideration that Bruce Willis is now 65 and by the time HERA is launched he will be 69, I do not think that we can rely on him this time (although I liked the movie).
HERA will investigate what method we could use to deflect asteroid and maybe the results will show that we indeed need to call the deep sea oil drillers.
the below is a reply to the above
So then would it be easier to train oil drillers to become astronauts, or to train astronauts to be oil drillers? I do not know which one would be easier since I have no training/experience of deep see oil drilling nor becoming an astronaut, but as long as the ones that would go to asteroid have the sufficient skills and training (even Bruce Willis), I would be happy.
If budget was no object, which asteroid would you most like to send a mission to? Nice question! For me, I'd be looking at an asteroid we know something about, since I would be interested in using it for testing how we could extract resources from it. So for me, I would choose Itokawa (, which was visited by Hayabusa spacecraft. So we already have some solid prospecting carried out for this 'roid! - AC
this is another reply Not sure if it counts as an asteroid, but Detlef and myself would probably choose ʻOumuamua, the first discovered interstellar object.
the below is a reply to the above
Do we even have the capability to catch up to something like that screaming through our solar system? That thing has to have a heck of a velocity to just barrel almost straight through like that. DVK: Correct, that would be a real challenge. We are preparing for a mission called 'Comet Interceptor' that is meant to fly to an interstellar object or at least a fresh comet - but it will not catch up with it, it will only perform a short flyby.
After proving to be able to land on one, could an asteroid serve as a viable means to transport goods and or humans throughout the solar system when the orbit of said asteroid proves beneficial. While it is probably quite problematic to land the payload, it could save fuel or am I mistaken? Neat idea! Wonder if anyone has done the maths on the amount of fuel you would need/save vs certain targets. - AC
PM: To further complement, the saving is quite marginal indeed because in order to land (softly) on the asteroid you actually need to get into the very same orbit of that asteroid . At that point your orbit remains the same whether you are on the asteroid or not..
can the current anti-ballistic missiles systems intercept a terminal phase earth strike asteroid? or it is better to know beforehand and launch an impacting vehicle into space? DVK: While I do see presentations on nuclear explosions to deflect asteroids at our professional meetings, I have not seen anybody yet studying how we could use existing missile systems. So it's hard to judge whether existing missiles would do the job. But in general, it is better to know as early as possible about a possible impact and deflect it as early as possible. This will minimize the needed effort.
How much are we prepared against asteroid impacts at this moment? DVK: 42… :-) Seriously – I am not sure how to quantify ‘preparedness’. We have international working groups in place, mentioned earlier (search for IAWN, SMPAG). We have a Planetary Defence Office at ESA, a Planetary Defense Office at NASA (who spots the difference?), search the sky for asteroids, build space missions… Still we could be doing more. More telescopes to find the object, a space-based telescope to discover those that come from the direction of the Sun. Different test missions would be useful, … So there is always more we could do.
Have you got any data on the NEO coverage? Is there estimations on the percentage of NEOs we have detected and are tracking? How can we improve the coverage? How many times have asteroids been able to enter earths atmosphere without being detected beforehand? Here’s our recently updated infographics with the fraction of undiscovered NEOs for each size range:
As expected, we are now nearly complete for the large ones, while many of the smaller ones are still unknown.
In order to improve coverage, we need both to continue the current approach, centered on ground-based telescopes, and probably also launch dedicated telescopes to space, to look at the fraction of the sky that cannot be easily observed from the ground (e.g., towards the Sun).
Regarding the last part of your question, small asteroids enter the Earth atmosphere very often (the infographics above gives you some numbers), while larger ones are much rarer.
In the recent past, the largest one to enter our atmosphere was about 20 meters in diameter, and it caused the Chelyabinsk event in 2013. It could not be detected in advance because it came from the direction of the Sun.
We have however detected a few small ones before impact. The first happened in 2008, when a ~4-meter asteroid was found to be on a collision course less than a day before impact, it was predicted to fall in Northern Sudan, and then actually observed falling precisely where (and when) expected.
this is another reply >After
DVK: And to add what MM said - Check out There is a ‘discovery statistics’ section which provides some of the info you asked about. NASA is providing similar information here To see the sky which is currently covered by the survey telescopes, you need to service of the Minor Planet Center which we all work together with:, ‘observers’, ‘sky coverage’. That is a tool we use to plan where we look with our telescopes, so it is a more technical page.
Are there any automatic systems for checking large numbers of asteroids orbits, to see if the asteroid's orbit is coming dangerously close to Earth, or is it done by people individually for every asteroid? I ask it because LSST Rubin is coming online soon and you know it will discover a lot of new asteroids. Yes, such systems exist, and monitor all known and newly discovered asteroids in order to predict possible future impacts.
The end result of the process is what we call "risk list":
It is automatically updated every day once new observational data is processed.
What are your favourite sci-fi series? DVK: My favorites are ‘The Expanse’, I also liked watching ‘Salvation’. For the first one I even got my family to give me a new subscription to a known internet streaming service so that I can see the latest episodes. I also loved ‘The Jetsons’ and ‘The Flintstones’ as a kid. Not sure the last one counts as sci-fi though. My long-time favorite was ‘Dark Star’.
this is another reply Big fan of The Expanse at the moment. Nice, hard sci-fi that has a good impression of being grounded in reality - AC
this is another reply When I was a kid I liked The Jetsons, when growing up Star Trek, Star wars and I also used to watch with my sister the 'V'.
When determining the potential threat of a NEA, is the mass of an object a bigger factor or size? I'm asking because I'm curious if a small but massive object (say, with the density of Psyche) could survive atmospheric entry better than a comparatively larger but less massive object. The mass is indeed what really matters, since it’s directly related with the impact energy.
And as you said composition also matters, a metal object would survive atmospheric entry better, not just because it’s heavier, but also because of its internal strength.
What are your thoughts on asteroid mining as portrayed in sci-fi movies? Is it feasible? If so would governments or private space programs be the first to do so?What type of minerals can be found on asteroids that would merit the costs of extraction? Certainly there is valuable stuff you can find on asteroids. For example, the likely easiest material you can harvest from an asteroid would be volatiles such as H2O. Then you have industrial metals, things like Iron, Nickel, and Platinum group metals. Going further, you can break apart many of the oxide minerals you would find to get oxygen (getting you closer to producing rocket fuel in-situ!). Its feasible, but still needs alot of testing both here on Earth and eventually needs to be tested on a target. It may be that governments, via agencies like ESA or NASA, may do it first, to prove the principles somewhat, but I know many commercial entities are also aggresively working towards space mining. To show you that its definitely possible, I'd like to plug the work of colleagues who have processed lunar regolith (which is similar to what you may find on asteroids) to extract both oxygen and metals. Check it out here:
Will 2020's climax be a really big rock? DVK: Let's hope not...
Considering NASA, ESA, IAU etc. is working hard to track Earth-grazing asteroids, how come the Chelyabinsk object that airburst over Russia in 2013 came as a total surprise? The Chelyabinsk object came from the direction of the Sun, where unfortunately ground-based telescopes cannot look at. Therefore, it would not have been possible to discover it in advance with current telescopes. Dedicated space telescopes are needed to detect objects coming from this direction in advance.
the below is a reply to the above
Is this to say that it was within specific solid angles for the entire time that we could have observed it given its size and speed? Yes, precisely that. We got unlucky in this case.
Have any of you read Lucifer's Hammer by Larry Niven? In your opinion, how realistic is his depiction of an asteroid strike on Earth? DVK: I have – but really long ago, so I don’t remember the details. But I do remember that I really liked the book, and I remember I always wanted to have a Hot Fudge Sundae when reading it.
I was thinking about the asteroid threat as a teen and came up with this ideas (Hint: they are not equally serious, the level of craziness goes up real quick). Could you please comment on their feasibility? 1. Attaching a rocket engine to an asteroid to make it gradually change trajectory, do that long in advance and it will miss Earth by thousands of km 2. Transporting acid onto asteroid (which are mainly metal), attaching a dome-shaped reaction chamber to it, using heat and pressure to then carry out the chemical reaction to disintegrate asteroids 3. This one is even more terrible than a previous one and totally Dan Brown inspired — transporting antimatter on asteroid, impacting and causing annihilation. Thank you for this AMA and your time! DVK: Well the first one is not so crazy, I have seen it presented... the difficulty is that all asteroids are rotating in one way or another. So if you continuously fire the engine it would not really help. You'd need to switch the engine on and off. Very complex. And landing on an asteroid is challenging too. Just using the 'kinetic impactor' which we will test with DART/Hera (described elsewhere in this chat) is simpler. Another seriously proposed concept is to put a spacecraft next to an asteroid and use an ion engine (like we have on our Mercury mission BepiColombo) to 'push' the asteroid away.
As for 2 and 3 I think I will not live to see that happening ;-)
What is the process to determine the orbit of a newly discovered asteroid? The process is mathematically quite complex, but here's a short summary.
Everything starts with observations, in particular with measurements of the position of an asteroid in the sky, what we call "astrometry". Discovery telescopes extract this information from their discovery images, and make it available to everybody.
These datapoints are then used to calculate possible trajectories ("orbits") that pass through them. At first, with very few points, many orbits will be possible.
Using these orbits we can extrapolate where the asteroid will be located during the following nights, use a telescope to observe that part of the sky, and locate the object again.
From these new observations we can extract new "astrometry", add it to the orbit determination, and see that now only some of the possible orbits will be compatible with the new data. As a result, we now know the trajectory better than before, because a few of the possible orbits are not confirmed by the new data.
The cycle can then continue, with new predictions, new observations, and a more accurate determination of the object's orbit, until it can be determined with an extremely high level of accuracy.
What are some asteroids that are on your "watchlist"? We have exactly that list on our web portal:
It's called "risk list", and it includes all known asteroids for which we cannot exclude a possible impact over the next century. It is updated every day to include newly discovered asteroids, and remove those that have been excluded as possible impactors thanks to new observations.
the below is a reply to the above
That's quite a list!! Do you guys ever feel stressed or afraid when you have to add another dangerous candidate (and by dangerous I mean those above 200m) is added to this Risk List? Yes, when new dangerous ones are added it's important that we immediately do our best to gather more data on them, observing them with telescopes in order to get the information we need to improve our knowledge of their orbit.
And then the satisfaction of getting the data needed to remove one from the list is even greater!
What inspired you to go into this field of study? I was fascinated by astronomy in general since I was a kid, but the actual "trigger" that sparked my interest in NEOs was a wonderful summer course on asteroids organized by a local amateur astronomers association. I immediately decided that I would do my best to turn this passion into my job, and I'm so happy to have been able to make that dream come true.
this is another reply DVK: I started observing meteors when I was 14, just by going outside and looking at the night sky. Since then, small bodies in the solar system were always my passion.
As a layperson, I still think using nuclear weapons against asteroids is the coolest method despite better methods generally being available. Do you still consider the nuclear option the cool option, or has your expertise in the field combined with the real-life impracticalities made it into a laughable/silly/cliche option? DVK: We indeed still study the nuclear option. There are legal aspects though, the ‘outer space treaty’ forbids nuclear explosions in space. But for a large object or one we discover very late it could be useful. That’s why we have to focus on discovering all the objects out there as early as possible – then we have time enough to use more conventional deflection methods, like the kinetic impactor (the DART/Hera scenario).
It seems like doing this well would require international cooperation, particularly with Russia. Have you ever reached out to Russia in your work? Do you have a counterpart organization there that has a similar mission? DVK: Indeed international cooperation is important - asteroids don't know about our borders! We work with a Russian team to perform follow-up observations of recently discovered NEOs. Russia is also involved in the UN-endorsed working groups that we have, IAWN and SMPAG (explained in another answer).
how much can experts tell from a video of a fireball or meteor? Can you work out what it's made of and where it came from? If multiple videos or pictures, taken from different locations, are available, then it's possible to reconstruct the trajectory, and extrapolate where the object came from.
Regarding the composition, it's a bit more difficult if nothing survives to the ground, but some information can be obtained indirectly from the fireball's color, or its fragmentation behavior. If a spectral analysis of the light can be made, it's then possible to infer the chemical composition in much greater detail.
I've always wanted to know what the best meteorite buying site is and what their average price is?? DVK: Serious dealers will be registered with the 'International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA)' - They should provide a 'certificate of authenticity' where it says that they are member there. If you are in doubt, you can contact the association and check. Normally there are rough prices for different meteorite types per gram. Rare meteorites will of course be much more expensive than more common ones. Check the IMCA web page to find a dealer close to you.
Just read through Aidans link to the basaltic rock being used as a printing material for lunar habitation. There is a company called Roxul that does stone woven insulation that may be able to shed some light on the research they have done to minimize their similarity to asbestos as potentially carcinogenic materials deemed safe for use in commercial and residential applications. As the interior surfaces will essentially be 3D printed lunar regolith what are the current plans to coat or dampen the affinity for the structure to essentially be death traps for respiratory illness? At least initially, many of these 3d printed regolith structures would not be facing into pressurised sections, but would rather be elements placed outside and around our pressure vessels. Such structures would be things like radiation shields, landing pads or roadways, etc. In the future, if we move towards forming hermetically sealed structures, then your point is a good one. Looking into terrestrial solutions to this problem would be a great start! - AC
What kind of career path does it take to work in the asteroid hunting field? It's probably different for each of us, but here's a short summary of my own path.
I became interested in asteroids, and near-Earth objects in particular, thanks to a wonderful summer course organized by a local amateur astronomers association. Amateur astronomers play a great role in introducing people, and young kids in particular, to these topics.
Then I took physics as my undergrad degree (in Italy), followed by a Ph.D. in astronomy in the US (Hawaii in particular, a great place for astronomers thanks to the exceptional telescopes hosted there).
After finishing the Ph.D. I started my current job at ESA's NEO Coordination Centre, which allowed me to realize my dream of working in this field.
this is another reply DVK: Almost all of us have a Master's degree either in aerospace engineering, mathematics, physics/astronomy/planetary science, or computer science. Some of us - as MM - have a Ph.D. too. But that's not really a requirement. This is true for our team at ESA, but also for other teams in other countries.
What is the likelihood of an asteroid hitting the Earth In the next 200 years? It depends on the size, large ones are rare, while small ones are much more common. You can check this infographics to get the numbers for each size class:
Have you played the Earth Defence Force games and if you have, which one is your favourite? No I have not played the Earth Defence Force games, but I just looked it up and I think I would liked it. Which one would you recommend?
How close is too close to earth? Space is a SUPER vast void so is 1,000,000 miles close, 10,000,000? And if an asteroid is big enough can it throw earth off its orbit? DVK: Too close for my taste is when we compute an impact probability > 0 for the object. That means the flyby distance is zero :-) Those are the objects on our risk page
If an object can alter the orbit of another one, we would call it planet. So unless we have a rogue planet coming from another solar system (verrry unlikely) we are safe from that.
How can I join you when I'm older? DVK: Somebody was asking about our career paths... Study aerospace engineering or math or physics or computer science, get a Masters. Possibly a Ph.D. Then apply for my position when I retire. Check here for how to apply at ESA:
How much is too much? DVK: 42 again
Are you aware of any asteroids that are theoretically within our reach, or will be within our reach at some point, that are carrying a large quantity of shungite? If you're not aware, shungite is like a 2 billion year old like, rock stone that protects against frequencies and unwanted frequencies that may be traveling in the air. I bought a whole bunch of the stuff. Put them around the la casa. Little pyramids, stuff like that. DVK: If I remember my geology properly, Shungite forms in water sedimental deposits. This requires liquid water, i.e. a larger planet. So I don't think there is a high chance to see that on asteroids.
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a very interesting overview of genders across different cultures

I found this interesting set of infographics on facebook, that depicts how different cultures classify (or don't) gender. many of them recognise more than two genders, and this shows how the binary vision is basically just one of many point of views.
the world is much more colorful than just black and white, there are many more options and possibilities than just two.
for so long I thought that I had to be a transgender man, but lately I realised that I am genderfluid. may your journey to self discovery be fulfilling and awesome!
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Why I don't think the arena deal is as amazing as everyone keeps saying.

So i'm going to start by saying I'm a big Calgary Flames fan. I go to a few games a year (when i can get/ afford tickets), have multiple jerseys and defiantly spend money at the bars etc when there is a game to watch. I have no desire for the Flames to move (not that I believed that was really an option for them to begin with) but I'm getting fed up with giving Billionaires handouts.
So lets look at the numbers on the infographic.
And this is where we get into the tax numbers.
At the end of the day this proposal is significantly better then the last time this came up (the 33% city, 33% team, 33% ticket levy) but nowhere near the "wonderful deal" I've been hearing people call it. At the very least we need to go into this with our eyes open
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Porom: Actually a White Mage - Analysis/Discussion

Hi everyone,
We are finally receiving a Final Fantasy IV white mage to the Global game, and wow what a healer she is. I will get into it when I discuss her kit, but Porom is perhaps the strongest burst healer we will ever see.


Game of Origin: Final Fantasy IV
Roles: Magic, Support, Healer
Weapon Type: Staff
Crystal Color: White


HP: 4/5
INT BRV: 4/5
MAX BRV: 4/5
ATK: 3/5
DEF: 2/5
SPD: 3/5

Who They Are

A young white mage from Mysidia. Calm and polite, she keeps her troublesome younger twin brother in line. She joined Cecil's party to keep an eye on him after he attacked Mysidia on the King of Baron's orders, but became an ally after learning to trust him.


As usual, these descriptions assume that Porom has all weapon and Extension passives equipped.
Ability Type Uses Description
Cry Support, Party BRV, Debuff, Buff 7 Raise party BRV by 50% of Max BRV. Inflicts Def Down I (-30%) for all targets for 4 turns. Raise own Light Arts (party Atk +10%/+30%/+50%) level by 2 for 8 turns.
Cry+ Support, Party BRV, Debuff, Buff while Light Arts III is active. Raise party BRV by 50% of Max BRV. Inflicts Def Down II (-60%) for all targets for 4 turns. 25% chance to inflict Confusion (BRV/HP Attack disable) for 4 turns. Raise Light Arts (party Atk +10%/+30%/+50%) level by 2 for 8 turns.
BRV Attack+ Magic, BRV, Party BRV. while Light Arts is active 1-hit magic attack at 100% of Atk. Raise party's BRV by 20% of Max BRV.
Mysidian Brilliance Heal, Buff 9 Restores 30% of target's Max HP. 300% of overhealing is converted to BRV. Raise own Light Wisdom (party Max BRV +5%/ +15%/+25%) level by 2 for 6 turns. High turn rate.
Mysidian Brilliance+ Heal, Buff while Light Wisdom III is active Target Max BRV Up I (+20%) for 8 turns. Restores 50% of target's Max HP. 300% of overhealing is converted to BRV. Target HP Damage Reduction (HP damage reduced by 70%) for 2 turns. Raise own Light Wisdom (party Max BRV +5%/ +15%/+25%) level by 2 for 6 turns. High turn rate.
HP Attack+ HP, Party BRV while Light Wisdom is active HP attack. Raise allies' BRV by 50% of HP damage dealt.
HP Heal Attack All HP, Support 3 Restore party's HP by 20% of Max HP. Raise party's Atk for 3 turns.
White Wave Heal, Overheal, Self BRV, HP, Party BRV, Buff Recast: Slow Restore party's HP by 30% of Max HP. HP restore may overflow up to 120% of Max HP. Raise own BRV by 60% of Max BRV followed by an HP attack. Restores allies' BRV by 50% of HP damage dealt. Party HP Damage Reduction (HP damage reduced by 70%) for 2 turns. Extends active Light Arts and Light Wisdom by 3 turns.
Porom's kit is actually simpler than in might appear to be at first glance. While she has empowered versions of both of her basic abilities, they unlock they building up levels of her unique buffs Light Arts and Light Wisdom and once they are activated they will stick around as long as Porom does not let her buffs expire. To start with, Porom's buffs Light Arts and Light Wisdom are both buff auras that raise the party's Attack and Max BRV stats, respectively. Both buffs can be raised to a maximum of 3 levels and at max level provide a +50% to Attack and +25% to Max BRV. The third unique buff Porom can provide is called HP Damage Reduction and will reduce any HP damage the character takes while it is active. This buff can be provided by either Mysidian Brilliance/+ or White Wave.
Porom's first ability is Cry. This ability serves two options: first, to function as a party BRV battery, and second to enfeeble the enemy. The BRV battery is pretty strong and will raise everyone's BRV by 50% of Porom's Max BRV. The base form of Cry inflicts Def Down I while Cry+ improves this to Def Down II in addition to having a small chance to inflict a new debuff called Confusion. Confusion locks the enemy out of using any BRV or HP attack while it is active, making it a very powerful tool to shut down a boss if it connects. Cry is also the source of Porom's first unique buff Light Arts. Note that Cry will only raise the level of Light Arts by 1 unless Porom has her 15cp weapon passive equipped in which case it becomes 2 levels. This means it will take two uses of Cry to unlock Cry+.
Porom's second ability is Mysidian Brilliance which functions as a mixed single-target burst Heal and BRV battery. When used, it will restore an ally's HP by 30% of their Max HP; however, any overhealing done is converted into BRV at a ratio of 1:3, meaning that Porom can raise an ally's BRV by up to 90% of their Max HP using the base version of Mysidian Brilliance. Similar to Cry, Mysidiam Brilliance will raise the level of Porom's second unique buff, Light Wisdom, by 2 levels when used (1 without her 35cp weapon passive) so it will take two uses to get Mysidian Radiance+ unlocked. In its empowered version, Mysidian Brilliance+ grants the target a Max BRV Up I buff as well as restore 50% of the target's Max HP as with the base version of the ability, any overhealing will be converted into BRV at the same rate (for a maximum BRV gain of 150% of the target's Max HP). Mysidian Brilliance+ also provides the HP Damage Reduction buff for 2 turns, reducing any HP damage the target would take by 70%.
Once Porom gets her Light Arts and Light Wisdom buffs active, she gains access to BRV Attack+ and HP Attack+, respectively. BRV Attack+ will raise the party's BRV by 20% of Porom's Max BRV when used, and HP Attack+ will restore the BRV of Porom's two allies by 50% of the HP damage she deals.
Porom's Additional Ability is HP Heal Attack All. When used, all allies restore HP up to 20% of their Max HP along with provide a small Attack boost for 3 turns.
Finally, Porom's EX ability is White Wave which is on a Slow base recast speed. White Wave also comes with another new mechanic associated with it: HP overhealing. White Wave will restore the party's HP by 30% of their Max HP, and any excess healing will be added to their current health up to 120% of their Max HP. Along with the healing, White Wave will also raise Porom's BRV by 60% of her Max BRV before unleashing an HP attack and then restoring her allies' BRV by 50% of the damage done. The entire party will receive 2 turns of the HP Damage Reduction buff and Porom's currently active Light Art and Light Wisdom buffs will have their duration extended by 3 turns.


Mys Description CP Cost
Miracle Wave (Aura Staff) May equip EX ability White Wave. LB1: Slightly increases the self BRV raise (+10%) when using White Wave. LB2: Grants to party HP Damage Reduction (HP damage reduced by 70%) for 2 turns. LB3: Slightly raises recast speed of White Wave. 20
HP Heal Attack All Boost (Bloom Stone) HP Heal & Attack All use +2. 20
Genius White Mage of Mysidia (Mythril Staff) When using Mysidian Brilliance, Mysidian Brilliance+: Raises HP recovery amount; Extends the duration of Light Wisdom; Grants an additional stack of Light Wisdom. When using Mysidian Brilliance+: Improves effect of HP Damage Reduction. 20
Young Tactician (Healing Staff) When using Cry, Cry+: Raises BRV gain based on Max BRV; Extends the duration of Light Arts; Grants an additional level of Light Arts. When using Cry+: Low probabiltiy of inflicting Confusion to enemies for 1 turn. 20
HP Heal Attack All Extension When using HP Heal & Attack All: Slightly raises HP restored (+10%). 15
Protection Resonance Slightly raises party DEF (+30%) 5
Mysidian Brilliance Extension Mysidian Brilliance use +1. When using Mysidian Brilliance, Mysidian Brilliance+: Tremendous boost to BRV granted by HP recovered in excess of MAX HP. When using Mysidian Brilliance+: Target: 8 turns MAX BRV Up I; Slight HP Damage Resist boost. While Light Wisdom active: HP Attack becomes HP Attack+. 15
Light Wisdom Boost Guard Moderately raises MAX BRV (+40%), slightly raises DEF (+20%) while Wisdom of White Magic is active. 5
Cry Extension Cry use +1. When using Cry, Cry+: Slight boost to BRV granted based on MAX BRV; Slight DEF Down boost, duration +2; While Light Arts active: BRV Attack becomes BRV Attack+. 15
Light Arts Speeds Boost Moderately raises MAX BRV (+40%), SPD (medium) while Power of White Magic is active. 5
White Magic Aptitude Slightly raises party MAX BRV (+10%), ATK (+10%) with active buffs. 20
Charged Mysidia's Radiance Increases the max uses of Mysidia's Radiance by 1. 15
Buff Boost Slightly raises MAX BRV (+10%) with active buffs. 10
Charged Cry Increases the max uses of Cry by 1. 10
Heal Up Slightly raises HP received (+10%). 10
Quick Mysidia's Radiance Slightly raises turn rate of Mysidia's Radiance (+10%). 10
Busybody Slightly raises party SPD (small) with active buffs. 10
Chain Bonus Slightly raises BRV damage dealt during Chain Attacks (+10%) 5
Quick Cry Slightly raises raises turn rate of Cry (+10%). 10

Artifact Passive Priority

Unlike most characters that have a relatively obvious top 3 artifact passives to choose from, Porom is so focused on one stat that there really is no obvious third artifact choice. White Mage's Talent Boost will improve Porom's aura from her crystal strength 50 passive while +330 MAX BRV will help Porom with her party battery. She does so little damage that Attack is not a worthwhile investment and nothing scales off of Initial BRV.



Closing Thoughts

Porom is possibly the strongest healer we have received so far, but she sacrifices offensive power to achieve this feat. She might protect her allies from taking BRV Breaks or HP damage and can healing back whatever gets through, but Porom herself has very little capability to BRV shave and will not be unleashing HP attacks as frequently. This is offset a little bit more by Porom also providing strong party auras to Attack and Max BRV, making her allies hit harder.
This creates an odd dynamic; if you are able to avoid taking HP attacks right now or already have sufficient healing to deal with small HP attacks (both Freya and Lenna are relatively recent characters who can fill this role), then Porom's healing is overkill and will not make up for her poor offensive potential. However, if you run into a boss that is relentless in unleashing unavoidable HP attacks then Porom (or another strong burst healer) will feel near-mandatory. The Deuce boss feels like a big example of the latter.
I do not play the Japanese version of the game so I cannot say how necessary Porom will feel for future content so perhaps someone else can comment on this in the comments below. What I can say is that Porom feels like a very binary character kit to me; she either holds back the party with her unnecessary healing and poor turn efficiency or she is a saving grace that makes unbeatable fights possible. The problem is that she depends more upon the type of encounter available to be useful rather than her synergy with a team.


Thanks to all of the following:
u/inkwelder_ and the members of Tonberry Troupe for their infographics for new/recently awakened characters. You can find the Porom infographic here: Porom Infographic.
Rem for maintaining the valuable resource that is dissidia.db.
Safeena for the amazing Database resource.
The rest of The Crystal Chronicles podcast team. We record live on Twitch every Thursday at 9pm EST.
u/Macnol for their work on the Call to Arms threads. You can find a list of previous threads here: Index of Call to Arms Threads.
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Choice is an Illusion. Your Only Choice is to Accept That

I used to think reality was made up of choices. A hundred little choices made every day in a row, strung up like a necklace of pearls. You probably think reality is something like this too, each thing that you do could go a hundred different ways, and the only way it goes is the way that you choose for it to go...but that's not how it works at all. That's not how anything works. Reality is manipulative, just like people are and it's manipulating all of us. It's even manipulating you. You might not think so. Choices are only binary. Yes or no. True or false. There's no great big gray areas like they tell you.
Do you think we should have just one more beer Jeremy? Yes.
You probably think I'm wrong for believing that, but, for instance, let's take your closet: let's say you had 20 shirts to choose from. You might say, "Jeremy that's 20 different ways to choose!" But it's not. Your only choices were ever "yes" or "no" and for 19 of those shirts, your choice was "no."
Will Jeremy tip better if I can keep him drinking? Yes.
Sorry, stay with me, I promise I've got a point and it's this: what if you didn't have any choices at all? What if you only think you do. What if everything has already been decided and there's nothing you can do to change it. What if the shirt was chosen for you and you only believed it were the other way around? We can say we choose yes or no, but that never mattered because it was always an illusion. The pearls are already strung on your string for you from the moment you're born.
What if there'd only been two instead of three of them? Would it have mattered more or mattered less? What if one of them was going to grow up to be the next Hitler? Stalin? The next Kellyanne Conway? Wouldn't that make it all okay?
Wouldn't it?
Would it?
I think so.
The thing about pearl necklaces is that they're not like in the movies. Those are fake, dramatic things that come apart everywhere. The ones with real pearls don't do that. Pearls are expensive. They put little knots between each one so they don't wear out rubbing against each other but also so if the string breaks they stay together. They don't scatter in a hundred hopeless directions. They're each knotted individually so they can't.
What if my phone was dead and I couldn't have looked at it? But it wasn't. It was never supposed to be dead because I charged it. I didn't choose to charge it. I had to. I charged it because that was part of the design... part of the reality last night. I just did it because I was supposed to do it. What if the kids looked before walking into the goddamn street? But they didn't. What if I chose not to put gas in last Tuesday and the tank ran empty before this all happened? What if, what if, and what if?
What you have to understand is that I didn't choose to hit those kids with my car just as much as they didn't choose to be hit by my car. There's no choices at all. True or false. He loves me, he loves me not. Yes or no. Life is just events tied up together on a string.
It doesn't matter because you can't pull them apart and watch them scatter and rearrange them from what they were to the way you want them to be.
When I didn't stop. When I drove away… it wasn't a choice. I didn't have a choice. I just did it because I was always going to. I see that now.
It was predetermined. That's just how it is and you can't argue with reality.
The Greeks believed there were three. Three witches, high on mount Olympus, creeping in a damp cave just beneath Zeus's castle in the clouds. They determined all things that would come to pass. A young adventurer might defy the odds and climb to them--if that adventurer were brave enough, and if they'd predetermined to let them.
The Greeks understood the illusion of choice in those epic poems far better than we ever will.
I woke up thinking about my choices--or more accurately--the events of the night before.
Those goddamn kids choosing not to look both ways before stepping off the goddamn curb and into the goddamn street in their goddamn costumes.
I'm going to jail. I thought. Fuck. I am. I know I am.
I poured myself a bowl of cereal, but I couldn't eat it. It just stared at me, a hundred little cheerio eyes glaring wide with shock. Fuck you! I thought, sweeping the bowl to the floor. It crashed there in a puddle of milk and shards of glass, judging me still. Collecting myself, I sighed heavily and placed my head into my hands and slowed my ragged breathing until I was calm. I'd left the pantry open and when I looked up from the table that stupid man on the tube of oatmeal was staring out at me with judgement as well. He of the stupid frilly shirt and dumb white hair and quiet knowing smirk.
Fuck him in his fucking Quaker ass. And fuck his hat. It wasn't my fault!
I got up and slunk away from the table wondering if I hadn't dreamed it all to begin with. I could have. I didn't think so, but I could have. Please God.
Please God, if you're out there, make this all a bad dream.
I saw nothing on the morning news. I watched it for hours in a stupor until my phone broke me from the rotten headspace I'd been floating in and back to Earth.
Before the call, so far there hadn't been anything on the local news about a hit and run.
"Where the fuck are you Bailey?" a small voice demanded. I hadn't even realized I'd picked the phone up before the voice of Gary Turner began screaming through the speaker. The corpulence of his jowls, like the drooping cheeks of a basset hound, could be heard smacking as he screamed at me through the phone.
I didn't respond.
"Jeremy Bailey, the BCU is a huge fucking client and you were supposed to be meeting with their advisory board almost an hour ago. You better have a real fucking good reason to--"
"My grandmother died," I lied.
He was quiet for a moment and when he began to mutter a half-hearted apology, I interrupted him again and told him I was taking a personal day and hung up before he could say another word.
It wasn't nice, but I hoped he had some sort of stroke later. It would serve you right, Gary Turner.
One witch is Clotho, she's the Spinner. She weaves the threads.
"It's 8:59. Stay tuned after this short word from our sponsors for the latest headlines and Weather-on-the-Ones"
Her sister Lachesis, was the Allotter. She chose the lengths of each.
"It's gonna be a cold wet one today for Braden County and the surrounding areas. You can expect highs in the mid 40°s with an 80% chance of precipitation around 4pm. The low for this evening--"
Atropos, the Inflexible one, was the third. She was the one who cuts it. The three old crones share one eye passed between them, examining every strand they made in turn, like a jeweler, looking for flaws. They do it because they're compelled to, but they never find anything during inspection. The Greeks called them The Fates and they were the cause of every last thing.
"The tragic news of the death of loved ones struck three families overnight."
The television provided my second undesired jolt back to reality that morning. I held my breath. This was it. I'd really done it. I killed those kids. They were looking for me. I could hear my heart rattling in my chest as though it had come loose. This was the story. Here she was, Avon Sugowski standing on the street in front of an apartment building as cars rushed past. She was about to tell the world about those kids and their last Halloween. About what I'd done.
"In the heart of Bradenville this morning, three were found dead in a tragedy that could have been easily avoided."
She held something in her hand. Round and white and the size of her palm.
"Emergency services reported the deaths of the residents who lived in the number 8 building of Bluegrass Ridge, the apartment building just behind be. Tenants are blaming the deaths on the negligence of apartment management and this particular model of carbon monoxide detector which is still installed in every unit here. Recalled by the manufacturer nearly 6 years ago due to mechanical flaws."
The camera cut to show an older woman. She's angry and her lips are pursed into a wrinkled scowl. She began speaking and I turned the volume up to hear her better. I bit my lip, still only hearing the part about 3 dead and irrationally expecting the story to suddenly change direction and be about me. I attempted to stifle anxious tears that I could feel coming.
"I've been living here 'bout 13, 14 years or so. Not once did they ever schedule any kind of maintenance or check on those damn things in my place. Too cheap is what they are. The makers said in the recall they'd replace the faulty ones for free, but who pays to install them? Nobody if you live in Bluegrass Ridge, that's who. That's how cheap these people are. Oughtta be ashamed."
Avon returned, this time boxed to the right of her was an infographic:
"Carbon monoxide is a deadly colorless, odorless gas…"
I began to laugh. It wasn't funny, but I was relieved the story was about something other than my accident. Her voice trailed off and I went back to thinking about The Fates once more.
"...filled four apartments, one of which was unoccupied at the time before a working carbon monoxide detector alerted residents in the rest of the building."
I turned the television off and breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe I'd imagined it all and there was one sure way to tell. I went outside and looked at my car.
The sun was bright for 9:15. It could have been brighter than usual or it may have been the hangover. The birds were far too loud and as I walked around my car, their lighthearted singing died. A dozen crows on the telephone wires, where I hadn't initially seen them began to drown them out with their awful dirge.
It was probably just their standard squawking sounds, but all I heard from their beaks was the word "murderer" over and over again.
My knees felt weak as I examined the damage. The hood was cratered and where it wasn't covered with dried smears of blood, the paint was scraped down to the metal.
How many of my neighbors had seen this? What had I done? What should I do?
This brings me back to choices and why choices aren't real. There's not a handful of things to do. There's not a dozen options I had available to consider. There was just one. It was the only thing I could do. It was done. I didn't think there was any way to undo the damage I'd caused or the hurt…or bring them back.
I put the car into the garage.
Listen, I know you think I'm an awful person but you're missing the point really. You don't even know the rest. It's not that I didn't feel bad. Of course I felt bad. I threw a whole bowl of cheerios onto the floor I felt so bad. The point is that this was part of a design. It wasn't up to me. It was fate.
Choices aren't real. Everything happens because it's meant to. I parked the car where it belonged and decided to take my breakfast after all: a bowl of Jack Daniels. 86 the Cheerios and their judgement. After, I went back to bed.
When I woke again the world outside should have been midday and perhaps a bit gray to match the cold weather the newsman promised.
I opened my eyes. Normally, I might have taken the time to wake slowly, stretching my arms above my head, gaping my jaw with a wide, dramatic air. This time, instead of yawning, I felt myself releasing a scream that found its way out from the depths of my gut.
The clock on my nightstand read 3:14pm. That small end-table and my bed itself were all that remained of my room. The rest was gone, swallowed up by swirls of restless darkness. The walls had fallen away, replaced by nebulas of nearly impenetrable fog. It moved around me, consuming the world beyond my bed in an irregular circle. Nearly solid, but not quite, it was peppered through as though blasted by a shotgun with birdshot from every angle possible. Light, the powerful, atomic white of pure energy lay just beyond that opaque wall of tenebrous shadow. The brightness of it filtered through like a hundred spinning lights in a club, each directed onto me where I lay while the thick dark mist fluctuated, moving like something alive.
I was trying to take this all in when I saw them. One of them might have grown up to be a serial killer--the next Elizabeth Bathory--and I might have done the world a favor with my car the night before. At the time I was willing to bet money that none of them seemed to share that line of thinking.
They hovered shoulder to shoulder at the end of my footboard. Each of their faces twisted into dark scowls. The one at the center wore a light blue dress that might have been an Elsa costume once, except the gossamer snowflaked sleeves were now stained red entirely. Her neck was bent unnaturally to one side. The one to her right was dressed in a cat jumpsuit. The tail that was attached to the back of it seemed to be alive, swaying with cobraesque charm. Her features were dark, and smears of makeup stained her cheeks in patterns that had once been whiskers. One black and pointy ear, broken halfway up, dangled pathetic from her kitty-cat headband. It flopped onto and off from her slick, wine-dark, and blood-matted hair as she moved. The final, the one to the left, held a basket in one hand, the straw broken nearly into kindling. her face was obscured by a red hood. It hung down to her chin until she slowly began to pull it back and away. Most of her face appeared to be untouched like the smooth white of a china figurine, but as she continued, she revealed the destruction of an entire side of her skull. What remained there was the deviating void of the indentation made by my tire.
The first two had only darkness in the spaces where their eyes should have been. The eyes were gone. There was nothing there. The third with the basket, Little Red Riding Hood--as I realized her costume then--was missing one of her's in the vacuous space where her skull should have been intact. The other eye, which still existed hung limply halfway down her cheek in the side of her skull that wasn't crushed. It dangled there, suspended by a knot of nerves.
Their empty eyes were fixed upon me, unseeing. Red plucked the dangling eye she retained from her skull and pointed it to stare at me.
When they spoke, they spoke in unison, their mouths hanging open like endless screams, speaking the words through unmoving lips as they passed the single eye between them.
"Jeremy Bailey, son of Katie Eckhart and Richard Bailey. You have been chosen." They said.
"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it! I didn't mean--"
"SILENCE!" they screamed and I would have chosen to listen but they didn't give me a choice of whether or not I should comply. My mouth slammed shut on its own and I felt something horrible moving inside of my gums, burrowing through them, pressing out of them. Four holes made their way through my lips as though drawn by four unseen needles and something white and tapeworm-thin began to slither out of my clenched jaw as I thrashed in bed.
"BE STILL!" they demanded and my body went rigid as though each limb had been tied to the posts.
The tapeworms slid their way back and forth, in and out in a haphazard and gruesome stitch until my lips were sealed with rugged white x-patterns of tapeworm yarn. I felt every molecule in my body begin to burn then. My blood was boiling.
Tears ran down my cheeks.
"You have been chosen." They began again. "This is by no choice you've made, not by omission of choices you might have made. Your choices do not matter. Your fate has been preordained."
"We are those who they have named The Fates." they continued. Elsa held the eye now and though it had no face or lids of its own to convey itself, I could feel its gaze upon me widen and intensify.
"We appear before you in these forms to resolve you of your sin. You shall perform a task for us and these faces, though not our true faces, have been chosen to help you understand what is required. We, the daughters of Nyx the Unending Night have no true faces of our own."
I could hear myself whimpering beneath my stitches and any leverage I managed to gain against my invisible bindings was immediately overpowered. Lifting my left arm 8 inches from the mattress caused it to violently be slammed down again. I began to cry, too shocked to react before that moment, and squeezed my eyes shut.
Terrified by the threat, I opened my eyes again, wide. Kitty had the eye now. A whip-like smile snapped across her face, much wider than the smiles of her sisters.
"We are the ones who work the wheel to spin the threads. We are the ones to measure them. We are the ones to cut them at their ends."
"Last night, another took this task upon herself." They continued, their lips still unmoving, "the threads of the three children who appear before you were ordained to be cut Halloween night at 8:17 as they went door-to-door in search of sweet things."
"This may seem cruel to you. You who's entire life spans but mere moments. We are Endless. A hundred years are but moments for the Endless. It is our discretion how long those moments of mortal lives are meant to span."
"These three young girls were taken by another. Then that other was led to subvert our grand design. This was forseen. Before your conception or hers, this was forseen. Your purpose in this was forseen " They explained.
"We are The Fates. We are Endless. Though we share but one eye, nothing in this world goes unseen. We have spun and measured and cut your thread for this sole purpose."
"You were chosen to wield the shears that deliver justice to the one who caused the death of the children standing before you. Her witchcraft violated the very laws of time and nature to shift the burden of her actions onto another."
I don't want this. No I don't want this. Do I? True or False? It's not my fault but I'm sorry still. If I take their revenge aren't I just as wrong? Aren't I? Yes or No?
"You were chosen to be the hand to deliver this message to the races of mortals: we will not suffer the meddling of interlopers in matters of fate."
They finished by telling me what I was meant to do and handing me a pair of gleaming scissors, shears the size of garden loppers.
When I woke, the clock read 3:15 and the dial on the 5 was slowly turning over to 6. I felt as though I must have listened to them for hours but only a moment or two had passed in the waking world. The sky outside was a cold as dull steel. I slowly sat up, wondering if the entire event had been a wild dream brought on by guilt.
When I looked at my face in the mirror, my mouth was still fastened by their thread which had now become a part of me. Knots of skin that twisted in X-formations like puffy scars. I examined them knowing for certain then that it was all true.
Kassandra Petersen lived at 832 Cypress Lake Drive. I knew this because that was what they told me.
I was on a date at 7:30 with a man I'd met online. He was strange but nice. He refinished furniture in his spare time. He loved animals and made time for his nieces and nephews that lived a few hours away every other weekend because they were important to him. He told me beforehand online that he knew a dozen ways to preserve flowers. I thought that was endearing so I gave him one as an icebreaker for our first meeting--a yellow rose--and he told me how he planned to save it.
"Maybe forever," he said that with stars in his eyes.
My heart melted.
While we ate dinner, Kassandra Petersen hit three girls as they crossed the street in their Halloween costumes. A Red Riding Hood, An Elsa, and A Black Cat. Because there are no choices, she did just as she was meant to. She went home and opened a book and said the words on the pages within. She made the accident shift. The dents in her car restored themselves and the blood slowly faded until it was never there at all.
Daniel and I were having drinks by 9:00
"Do you think we should have just one more beer, Jeremy?" He asked. I should have said "no," but I didn't because I'd said "yes" instead. It didn't matter because the choice wasn't mine.
The bartender wondered if I would tip better if he kept us drinking and I did. When Daniel and I parted ways, we shared our first kiss. He offered to share his Uber too, but I couldn't do that. I had to tell him "no " I had to tell him I was fine to drive despite knowing that I wasn't. It wasn't a choice. It was preordained.
I hit those girls on my way home, but I wouldn't have to suffer the consequences of doing that. That was not my fault. That was Kassandra meddling with time--pushing them forward. Passing the blame. There would never be any evidence that I'd done it because they weren't meant to be in that place at that time...
And still, this was always meant to happen this way. It was by their design. The Fates told me themselves. Those girls existed only to fulfill that moment and to teach all of us… All of you reading this...that these things aren't ours to meddle with. Our time here and what happens belongs to them. They send us--people like Kassandra and people like me--as reminders from time to time. She is the example to be made and I am to be their messenger.
Atropos gave me her giant scissors. I will go to her house and wait. I will remove her head. As soon as I do the stitches will dissolve and the dents in my car will rebound to their normal shape. The blood will subside on its own, just as it had from the original vehicle that took those lives.
I don't have a choice because I want to see Daniel again and get to know him. I want to give him more flowers to preserve. I have to fix my face so we can have a second kiss. I have to fix my car so I can make it to our next date. I'll share his Uber home this time.
I take the scissors from the bed and head out the door to punish the one who broke the rules and made her way too far out of line. And I'll do what they said. I'll cut off Kassandra's head.
I understand all of this.
What I don't understand is if there are no choices, and everything is preordained by The Fates and their all-knowing eye, that can only meet Kassandra didn't have a choice in what she did either. She could only meddle with fate because they made her do so. She didn't have a choice or decide to do anything. None of us control anything we do.
What I don't understand is why they've set these things into motion. In my head I can only think they must get bored after so long. In my head I can hear them laughing, but I'll do this because I'm destined to do it.
There are no choices. Choice is an illusion. The only choice I have is to accept that for what it is. This is my fate…
And Fate is a cruel, three headed bitch with a sick sense of humor that shares one eye...
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Move beyond test cases: Identify star coders through AI-powered online coding

Tech hiring is undergoing a transformation. Recruiters increasingly rely on coding assessments to evaluate job applicants and weed out poor performers from the candidate pool. Because if someone cannot code well, then what is the point of keeping them around? But this represents a myopic view of talent that does not always give a fair picture of what a candidate has to offer.
This sad state of affairs is not entirely the recruiter’s fault. The fact is, traditional coding assessments encourage this type of pass/fail mindset. But traditional coding assessments have limitations. They judge candidates on their ability to write a compilable code within a specified timeframe. But we all know that candidates commit minor errors while coding, such as errors in syntax. Or they might not take into account all test case scenarios. This is especially true when coding under pressure. But despite the insignificance and very human nature of these errors, the assessment is merciless. Otherwise fine candidates are severely penalized for these mistakes and taken out from the selection funnel.
Thankfully, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has arrived to restore some sanity and reason to the tech-hiring evaluation process. AI is revolutionizing coding assessments by moving beyond mere compilation and test cases. The latest generation of coding assessments use AI-powered simulations to assess candidate’s programming ability and coding logic that are much better set of parameters indicative of a candidate’s likely success on the job.
The AI-assisted coding test provides a range of scores instead of the typical binary score of pass/fail. The test analyzes a candidate’s programming ability and logical correctness of code and assigns a numerical score on a 100-point scale. The score takes into consideration various scenarios such as:
For organizations that are struggling to hire in this tight labor market with its chronic shortage of top programming talent, this system delivers huge advantages. By identifying qualified people who would otherwise be dismissed, it allows recruiters to shortlist more candidates with confidence and gives quantifiable metrics to justify their candidacy within the organization. Thus, the system enables you to enhance your throughput by maximizing your talent pool. And by taking the guesswork out of deciding which candidates show real potential, you will end up with significantly fewer bad hires.
Watch a quick video to understand how AI-assisted coding assessments work:
Aspiring Minds’ Automata is an AI-powered coding simulation assessment that can score code that is uncompilable or that fails to pass all test cases. In a recent case study involving one of the largest e-commerce players in the US, we observed that 46% of candidates’ code was not compiling. However, when we applied Automata to the results, we found that 6% had nearly correct logic. An additional 29% of candidates would have arrived at the correct logic with just a little bit of guidance. We saw a similar outcome at a tech giant in China. There, Automata discovered that 27% of the company’s applicants produced codes that did not compile but had sound programming logic. To the benefit of everyone involved, Automata gave these candidates the chance they needed to showcase their coding skills! Imagine how much more fine talent is waiting to be discovered?
The infographic below illustrates the wide disparity between traditional coding assessments and next-gen, AI-powered assessments. AI-assisted coding tests shortlist 25% more candidates on average because the system is capable of recognizing which errors are prohibitive and which are inconsequential.
Automata does more than just score candidates. It also provides comprehensive feedback on a candidate’s algorithmic approach, execution statistics and code response. A quick code-replay option allows recruiters to review the entire coding assessment at their convenience.
AI Powered coding simulation assessments gives each and every candidate a fair opportunity to demonstrate their skills and show what they have to offer. Such assessments help companies cast a wider net to increase their chances of finding a great programmer who is the best fit for the job. No longer are recruiters limited to the candidates who are immediately available. Automata has helped organizations build a more diverse workforce and extend their recruitment reach by almost 4X.
So, if hiring top quality programmers is high on your list of priorities, don’t wait any longer. Get in touch with us now to schedule your Automata demo and see the power of AI in action.
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Week 48; Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember.

The humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico worsened with the inadequate response by the federal government. Amid criticism, Trump threatened to pull out, but later backed off. Although the death count officially stands at 45, reporting revealed possibly hundreds more preventable deaths related to the Hurricane Maria.
Trump remains silent on both California’s deadliest wildfires and the deadliest combat incident since he took office. He continues to focus on undoing Obama’s legacy, piece-by-piece. The Mueller investigation hit Trump’s inner-circle, and social media’s role in aiding Russia continues to unfold.
  1. On Saturday night, Richard Spencer led another white supremacist torch-lit rally at University of Virginia. The rally lasted 10 minutes and 40-50 people attended. Spencer vowed, “we will keep coming back.”
  2. On Sunday, Trump attacked former ally Sen. Bob Corker in a series of incendiary tweets, saying “Corker “begged” me to endorse him for re-election” and “wanted to be Secretary of State.” Trump claimed to have said no to both.
  3. Corker responded, tweeting it’s a shame the WH has become an “adult day care center,” and that someone “missed their shift this morning.”
  4. On Sunday, Pence left a Colts game after a protest during the national anthem. Pence later issued a full statement opposing the protests. The Colts were playing the 49ers, a team known to protest.
  5. Before the game, Pence tweeted a photo of him and the Second Lady wearing Colts gear. The photo was one he originally tweeted in 2014.
  6. Shortly after, Trump tweeted he had asked Pence to leave the game “if any players kneeled,” and said he was proud of Pence and the Second Lady.
  7. The pool of journalists covering Pence were not allowed into the stadium, and were told, “there may be an early departure from the game.” ABC estimated Pence’s flight cost taxpayers nearly $250k.
  8. Bowing to pressure from Trump, the Cowboys’ Jerry Jones, after kneeling with players in week 3 of the season, changed course saying any player who “disrespects the flag” by kneeling will not be allowed to play.
  9. On Tuesday, Trump threatened the NFL over protests saying the league is “getting massive tax breaks” and the law should be changed. This claim is false: the NFL gave up its 501(c)(6) tax-exempt status in 2015.
  10. On Tuesday, bowing to pressure from Trump and fans, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who previously had said players had the right to voice their opinions, sided with owners opposed to letting players demonstrate.
  11. On Monday, Pence headlined a fundraiser in CA for Republicans including controversial, Kremlin-ally Rep. Dana Rohrabacher. Rohrabacher had a previously undisclosed meeting in Russia with Veselnitskaya described in Week 47.
  12. University of Wisconsin approved a policy which calls for suspending or expelling students who disrupt campus speeches and presentations. The policy mirrors Republican legislation passed by the state Assembly.
  13. On Columbus Day, unlike Obama, Trump celebrated the “arrival of Europeans,” but did not mention of the suffering of Native Americans.
  14. On Sunday, the Trump’s DHS allowed the Jones Act waiver, which helped speed relief to Puerto Rico, to expire. No explanation was given.
  15. Trump’s EPA announced it would repeal the Clean Power Plan, Obama’s signature policy to curb greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. The statement described the regulation as the “so-called Clean Power Plan.”
  16. On Friday, Trump addressed the Value Voters Summit hosted by the Family Research Council, which has been classified by SPLC as an anti-gay hate group. Trump is the first US leader to address the group.
  17. Reuters reported the Trump regime has been quietly cutting support for halfway houses for federal prisoners, severing contracts with as many as 16 facilities, necessitating some inmates stay behind bars longer.
  18. ABC reported the Treasury Dept’s inspector general is looking into allegations reported by BuzzFeed in Week 47 that agency officials have been illegally looking at private financial records of US citizens.
  19. A report compiled by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) at House and Senate Democrats’ request, found the Trump transition team ignored ethics officials and refused to cooperate with the GAO.
  20. Trump named Kathleen Hartnett White to the WH’s Council on Environmental Quality. Hartnett White, a climate science denier, once also said, “fossil fuels dissolved the economic justification for slavery.”
  21. In response to a filing by CREW, Trump’s DOJ told a court in DC that Trump can destroy records without judicial review, including tweets.
  22. Brian Brooks became the second candidate under consideration for deputy Treasury Secretary to withdraw from consideration. Mnuchin said he has no plans to fill the number two slot in his agency.
  23. WAPO reported at the Interior Dept, when Zinke enters the building a staffer takes the elevator to the seventh floor, climbs the stairs to the roof and puts up a special flag. The flag comes down when he leaves.
  24. On Wednesday, NBC reported Tillerson calling Trump a “moron” was provoked by Trump suggesting a tenfold increase in the US nuclear arsenal during a July 20 meeting with the high-ranking national security leaders.
  25. In response to the story which he called “Fake News,” Trump tweeted a threat to revoke the broadcasting licenses of “NBC and the Networks.”
  26. Later that afternoon, at a news conference, Trump again lashed out at the independent news media saying it’s “frankly disgusting the press is able to write whatever it wants to write.”
  27. In a statement Wednesday night, Republican Sen. Ben Sasse asked Trump if he was “recanting” his oath to protect the First Amendment.
  28. Indiana Republican lawmaker Jim Lucas drafted a bill that would require professional journalists to be licensed by state police.
  29. Under pressure to confirm Trump’s judicial nominees, McConnell will no longer allow “blue slips,” used by senators to deny a nominee from their state a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing and vote on confirmation.
  30. The Trump regime withdrew from United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), citing anti-Israel bias and a being in arrears on a $550 million payment. Israel remains part of UNESCO.
  31. NYT published an interview with Corker in which he said Trump is treating his office like a “reality show” with reckless threats at other country that could put our country “on the path to World War III.”
  32. Corker said he is concerned about Trump, and Trump’s behavior should concern “anyone who cares about our nation.” He added there is no ‘good cop, bad cop’ underway with Tillerson — Trump is undermining diplomacy.
  33. Corker said nearly all Senate Republican share his concerns: “the vast majority of our caucus understands what we’re dealing with here.”
  34. WAPO reported Trump is frustrated by his cabinet and that he is not getting enough credit for his handling of three hurricanes. Trump is lashing out and rupturing alliances with both Republicans and Democrats.
  35. One confidant said Trump is like a whistling teapot, saying when he does not blow off steam, he can turn into a pressure cooker and explode: “I think we are in pressure cooker territory.”
  36. Politico quoted 10 sources current and former WH aides who employed strategies like delays and distractions as “guardrails” in trying to manage Trump’s impulsivity.
  37. Vanity Fair reported sources say Trump is “unstable,” “losing a step,” and “unraveling.” They say the WH is in crisis as advisers struggle to contain Trump who is increasingly unfocused and consumed by dark moods.
  38. Trump allegedly told his former bodyguard Schiller, “I hate everyone in the White House!” Kelly is allegedly miserable in the job, and is staying on in a sense of duty and to keep Trump from making disastrous decisions.
  39. One former official speculated Kelly and Mattis have discussed what they would do if Trump ordered a nuclear strike — “would they tackle him?”
  40. According to sources, Bannon said the risk to Trump’s presidency wasn’t impeachment, but the 25th Amendment. Bannon thinks Trump has only a 30% chance of making it the full term.
  41. In a column “What Bob Corker Sees in Trump,” conservative columnist Peggy Noonan urged Republicans they have a duty to speak on the record about what they see happening with Trump.
  42. On Thursday, at a signing ceremony for his health care executive order, Trump nearly walked out of the room without signing the order. Pence pulled him back in.
  43. On Tuesday, Trump said in an interview with Forbes that he could beat Tillerson in an IQ test. Trump met with Tillerson later that day at the WH.
  44. On Friday, Corker called out Trump for his effort to disempower Tillerson saying: “You cannot publicly castrate your own secretary of state without giving yourself that binary choice.”
  45. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria said, “It’s very clear now that we essentially have no diplomacy going on in the United States,” adding the way Trump has treated Tillerson is “the most dramatic example of it.”
  46. On CBS’s 60 Minutes, Parscale claimed he fine-tuned ads on Facebook to directly reach voters with the exact messages they cared most about. He also claimed he handpicked Republican Facebook employees to help.
  47. Daily Beast reported the Kremlin recruited two black video bloggers, Williams and Kalvin Johnson, to produce incendiary YouTube videos calling Hillary a racist. The videos were spread on social media platforms.
  48. WAPO reported Google has uncovered evidence about $100k of ads purchased by Russian agents to spread disinformation on across the company’s many products, including YouTube, during the 2016 election.
  49. Google said the ads do not appear to be from the same Kremlin-linked troll farm that bought ads on Facebook. Some ads touted Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Jill Stein, while others aimed to fan the flames of divisive issues.
  50. Rep. Devin Nunes, who recused himself as Chair of the House Intel Committee’s Russia probe, unilaterally signed off on subpoenas to Fusion GPS, the research firm that produced the Steele dossier. Democrats were not consulted.
  51. Reuters reported Chuck Grassley, the Republican chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is also taking steps to discredit the dossier according to Democrats on the committee.
  52. Carter Page told the Senate Intel Committee that he will not cooperate with any requests to appear before the panel on Russia, and will plead the Fifth.
  53. Daily Beast reported the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is looking at Cambridge Analytica’s work from the Trump campaign as part of its Russian probe.
  54. Cambridge Analytica, which has ownership ties to the Mercers and Bannon, was brought in to help the campaign by Kushner. The company is also under investigation in the UK watchdog for its role in Brexit.
  55. NYT reported Israel caught Kaspersky Lab working with the Russian government to search the world for US secrets, using Kaspersky software to scan for classified words. Kaspersky software is used by 400 million people.
  56. WSJ reported that Russia’s use of the Kaspersky program to spy on the US is broader and more pervasive than the operation against one individual in Week 47. Trump continues to deny Russian meddling in the US election.
  57. Politico reported as part their posture to cooperate, Trump’s attorneys may offer Mueller a meeting with Trump. If Mueller doesn’t ask by Thanksgiving, attorneys may force the issue by volunteering his time.
  58. Legal experts were surprised by Trump’s lawyers strategy noting Trump would be speaking under oath and he routinely distorts facts, and that Trump would be interviewed in connection with a criminal investigation.
  59. CNN reported Russian operatives used YouTube, Tumblr, and even Pokémon Go as part of their effort to interfere in the election, using a campaign titled “Don’t Shoot Us” to spread a divisive message.
  60. NBC reported Manafort had a previously undisclosed $26 million loan from Deripaska through a series of transactions. It is unclear if the $26 million is a loan or an indirect payment from the Russian oligarch.
  61. The loan brings the total financial relationship between Manafort and Deripaska to $60 million over the past decade, according to financial documents filed in Cyprus and the Cayman Islands.
  62. Manafort’s spokesman, Jason Maloni, initially responded to NBC with a statement including: “Mr. Manafort is not indebted to former clients today, nor was he at the time he began working for the Trump campaign.”
  63. Maloni’s statement was later revised and that sentence was removed. Both Manafort and Maloni have received subpoenas to supply documents and testimony in the Mueller probe.
  64. Yahoo reported Andrew Feinberg, former correspondent for Sputnik, provided a guide and emails to FBI investigators looking into possible violations of the law which requires agents of foreign nations to register with the DOJ.
  65. Further, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is investigating RT and Sputnik as possible parts of the Russian state-run propaganda machine in the broader probe into Russia’s election meddling.
  66. On Friday, Mueller’s team interviewed Trump’s former chief of staff, Priebus. Priebus’ lawyer said he voluntarily met with investigators and “was happy to answer all of their questions.”
  67. Priebus was present during Trump’s efforts to limit the Russia probe, and for discussions that led to the firing of Comey. He was also asked to leave the Oval Office before the infamous Trump-Comey conversation.
  68. Politico reported Twitter deleted tweets and other user data of potentially irreplaceable value to investigators in the Russia probe.
  69. Federal investigators believe Twitter was one of Russia’s most potent weapons. Bots and fake accounts launched recurring waves of pro-Trump, anti-Clinton story lines that were either false or greatly exaggerated.
  70. AP reported Twitter has turned over 201 accounts linked to Russian attempts at influencing the 2016 election to Senate investigators. It is unclear if the posts associated with these accounts have been deleted.
  71. CNN reported an attorney for Roger Stone said he has complied with the House Intel Committee request to provide the identity of his intermediary to WikiLeaks’ Assange.
  72. WSJ reported Congressional investigators are homing in on connections between the Trump campaign, and Facebook, and Twitter. Digital director Parscale was paid $88 million during the campaign, the highest paid vendor.
  73. Every vendor that worked with Parscale on the Trump campaign signed a nondisclosure agreement, and there are no federal disclosure requirements for online ads.
  74. Both Congress and Mueller are investigating the role activity on Facebook and Twitter played in the 2016 election, and whether the Russian social-media activity was in any connected to the Trump campaign.
  75. A Morning Consult poll found Trump’s approval has fallen in every state since he took office. The swings were as high as 30 percentage points in blue-states IL and CA, to 11 points in red-state LA.
  76. A Reuters/Ipsos poll found Trump’s popularity is eroding in small towns and rural communities: in September 47 approve/47 disapprove, down from 55/39 in his first four weeks in office.
  77. WAPO reported as of October 10, Trump’s first 263 days in office, he has made 1,318 false or misleading claims.
  78. The Brookings Institute released a 108-page report which concluded Trump “likely obstructed justice” in his firing of Comey. If Mueller agrees, there are legitimate articles of impeachment that could be drawn up.
  79. In a letter to Mattis, over 100 Democrats are demanding proof that Trump did indeed consult with the Pentagon as he claimed in a tweet, prior to announcing his ban of transgender individuals from military service.
  80. A Kaiser Foundation poll found 62% of Americans say Puerto Ricans aren’t getting the help they need. 76% were aware Puerto Ricans are US citizens.
  81. On Thursday, in a series of tweets, Trump threatened to abandon Puerto Rico’s recovery effort, blaming the island for its infrastructure problems and saying and relief workers would not stay “in P.R. forever.”
  82. The tweets follow harsh criticism from Puerto Rico of the Trump regime’s response to Hurricane Maria. One Puerto Rican said, “He doesn’t think of us as Americans.”
  83. Trump also quoted a Sharyl Attkisson, a television journalist with Sinclair Broadcasting, in saying that while Puerto Rico survived Hurricane Maria, now “a financial crisis looms largely of their own making.”
  84. Later Thursday, the WH issued a statement committing “the full force of the U.S. government” for now, but adding “successful recoveries do not last forever.”
  85. At a House Energy and Commerce hearing about efforts to rebuild the island’s energy grid, Sec. Rick Perry referred to Puerto Rico as a country.
  86. Next day, Trump referred to the Virgin Islands’ governor as a president.
  87. VOX reported although the official death count in Puerto Rico is 45, they found 81 death linked to Hurricane Maria, as well as 450 more reported deaths, most of causes still unknown, and 69 still missing.
  88. Puerto Rico’s governor said four deaths are being investigated as cases of leptospirosis, a disease spread by animals’ urine through contaminated water. A total of ten people have come down with the disease.
  89. Rachel Maddow reported a doctor resigned from the disaster response team in Puerto Rico after seeing medical workers getting manicures and pedicures from residents of the island in medical triage tents.
  90. NYT reported on Puerto Rico’s health care is in dire condition, and continues to suffer from mismanagement. The US Comfort ship with 800 medical personnel which can serve 250, has seen 82 patients in six days.
  91. CNN reported Puerto Ricans are drinking water from a hazardous-waste site, having no other options for water.
  92. A Politico/Morning Consult poll found just 32% of registered voters think the federal government has done enough to help Puerto Rico.
  93. Bloomberg revealed one of its reporters was inadvertently put on the Pentagon’s internal email list which detailed how to spin Hurricane Maria to convince the public that the government response was going well.
  94. On Thursday, Trump also signed an executive order ending Obamacare subsidies for the poor. Not paying the subsidies could boost premiums for millions and send the health insurance exchanges into turmoil.
  95. NPR estimated consumers who earn 400% of the federal poverty level — $48k for individuals or $98.4k for a family of four — will see their the cost of their plans rise by, on average, 20% nationwide.
  96. Doctors, hospitals, insurers, state insurance commissioners and patient advocates denounced Trump’s move. Trump actions puts pressure on Congress to protect consumers from soaring premiums.
  97. WSJ reported if Congress doesn’t succeed, WH aides said Trump “will claim victory” for ending the Iran deal, cutting billions in payments to health insurers, and deporting hundreds of thousands of immigrants.
  98. On Friday, a coalition of attorneys general from 18 states and DC filed a lawsuit to block Trump’s halt to subsidy payments under Obamacare.
  99. NYT reported as of Friday, Trump has taken 12 actions which could weaken Obamacare and curtail enrollment, including spreading negative news releases and posting infographics criticizing the health law.
  100. On Saturday, Trump boasted on Twitter that health insurance companies’ stocks “plunged yesterday” after his steps to dismantle Obamacare.
  101. A Kaiser Health poll found 71% of Americans say the Trump regime should work to improve Obamacare, while just 21% say make it fail.
  102. On Friday, Trump slammed Iran as a “menace” and called for “decertification” of the nuclear deal, Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA), saying Iran is “not living up to the spirit of the deal.”
  103. Trump sent the deal back to Congress with a 60-day window to address its “many serious flaws” or see it “terminated.”
  104. Top officials on Trump’s national security team, including Mattis and Tillerson, said Iran has technically complied with its restrictions. The International Atomic Energy Association also confirmed compliance.
  105. Daily Beast reported while McMaster also wanted to save the Iran Deal, Trump consulted Fox News’ Sean Hannity and former UN Ambassador John Bolton, two neoconservatives who pushed for decertification.
  106. The leaders of Britain, Germany and France declared their commitment to stand by JCPoA. They deal was the culmination of 16 years of diplomacy.
  107. After being added to Trump’s travel ban, Chad pulled its troops from the fight against Boko Haram in Niger. US officials had warned Trump his decision would have major consequences for the fight against terrorism.
  108. California’s deadliest wildfires charred more than 221,754 acres of land in Northern CA, and left at least 35 dead and hundreds more missing. Trump has yet to publicly comment or tweet about the wildfires.
  109. Nor has Trump publicly commented on the deadliest combat incident since he took office, which took place in Niger last Saturday while Trump was golfing. The ambush by ISIS left four soldiers dead and two wounded.
  110. As the week ended, 24 days after Hurricane Maria, just 64% of Puerto Ricans had access to drinking water, and only 14.6% had electricity.
  111. Trump spent his fourth weekend since Hurricane Maria golfing. On Saturday, he visited Trump National Golf Club in VA, his 72nd day of golf since taking office.
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Apple Watch Series 5 Review: Now the world's best watch. Period.

Apple Watch Series 5 takes the world's best health and fitness tracker and motivator, connected communications and emergency contact band, and wearable computer platform, and brings it all back full circle — into just what might be the world's best watch.
To find out, I've been testing a space gray aluminum Apple Watch Series 5 running watchOS 6.0 for just about a week, both while traveling in Cupertino California and here at home in Montreal Canada.
I'm Rene Ritchie and this is the Apple Watch Series 5, with a little dash of watchOS 6 and Series 3, and a whole lot of Vector.
Now, that might not sound like much, but it's been one of the biggest knocks on this gizmo since launch. I've mentioned it in every review since and so has almost every reviewer else.
While it's tempting to exclamation point that with an "obviously" or "finally", when you look back at how battery and binary constrained the original Apple Watch was, it's not surprising it took a while.
There was a shortlist of major features that were missing and Apple has spent each year, every year since, knocking them off.
Series 2 brought the power needed to make apps native. Series 3 added cellular connectivity. Series 4 pushed the display out to the edges. And now, Series 5 lets that display stay on all the time.
It lets the watch, you know, be a watch.
If you already have a Series 4 you may not think that's worth upgrading to. For me, even if it was the only new feature — and it isn't — it totally would be. But I can certainly sympathize with that point of view.
Thing is, though. Most people in this world don't have a Series 4. Or any series.
Despite being the most popular watch and fitness tracker in the world, and product that's probably already bigger than the iPod at its height, the vast majority of people still don't have even one. Never mind Series 1.
And it's for them, the first-timers as much as the upgraders, that Apple has been knocking those items off the list.
So, that's how I'm going to approach this review. All the little details current Apple Watch owners demand, so they can figure out when and if they should upgrade, but also what's cool and compelling for those still sitting on the sidelines, watching, waiting, trying to decide when to take the plunge. And how.
Starting with the always-on display.

This Watch tells time

Apple Watch Series 5
From $399 at Apple
The Series 5 Apple Watch is more than just a watch, and for the first time in its existence, it actually acts like a watch.

Apple Watch Series 5 Review: Always on display

In typical Apple fashion, they're not first to this. But they just might be best. There's no secondary display layer. No monochrome veneer. No special mode to turn on or turn off. No separate, kinda 1980s alarm-clock looking face to be stuck with. There's just the existing watch faces. All of them. All now available in always on.

Here's how it works. Previously, when you weren't using your Apple Watch, when you weren't interacting with it or tapping or turning it towards you so you could interact with it, it would go to sleep.
And it still does exactly the same thing now.
Only sleep no longer means the display turning off. Now it means the display staying on, but in ultra low power mode.
It's made possible by the low-temperature poly-silicon and oxide — or LPTO — display. It lets the Apple Watch dynamically adjust the refresh rate from the normal 60Hz all the way down to 1Hz.
It's connected to a new, low-power display driver and high efficiency, integrated power management circuit, all controlled by a new ambient light sensor.

That's on the hardware side. On the software side, the Apple Watch team has crafted low power versions of all the watch faces.
Low power, in that, more costly animations like second hands and digits, Mickey and Minnie footy taps, and the like either disappear or stop moving. Bright colors dim. Costly fills dim all the way down, adding faint outlines to stay legible. Photos fade, and animations like butterflies and Buzz Lightyear go away.
And that's it. That's how they stay until you wake them up again, just like the Apple Watch has always woken up.
Since the moment Apple announced this feature I've had a lot of people asking me if you could turn it off, some for power reasons, some for privacy.
So, yes, you absolutely can. Just go into settings, brightness and display, and kill it any and every time you want to.
But, here's the thing, you may just discover you don't want or ever really need to.
First, if you're thinking normal 18-ish hour battery life with always on display means even better battery life with always on off, you'd be technically correct but far, far overestimating the actual difference it makes.
Apple says it's not a significant amount, much less life changing, and in my limited tests it wasn't even so much that I remembered to mark it down. Of course, your needs and ability to notice might vary, just consider the utility.
If you turn the watch off completely, it'll stay charged for months, for all the good it will do you. Battery is there to be spent.
Second, if you're worried about privacy, Apple has built in a series of considerations for you to… well, consider.
If you're worried about someone seeing a potentially sensitive notification, don't be.
Notifications don't animate in in low power mode. All you get is the tap or the tone and, if you want to see the banner, you have to wake the watch first.
If you're worried about someone seeing sensitive health or personal information in a complication, don't be.
You can go into settings, display & brightness, and hide sensitive complications too. Then, instead of dimming in always on mode, they disappear completely.
If you're worried about low power, even dimmed, being annoying in a theater or bedroom or wherever, if the ambient light sensor detects a particularly dark room, it'll dim the watch even more. If that's still not enough, you can always open control center and flip on theater mode to temporarily turn off the display entirely.
If you think it might be confusing, that because you can see the screen, just dim, in always on mode, you'll try to tap controls while the watch is still asleep… well, you're right.
If you don't turn your wrist first to wake your watch, the first tap won't activate the control, it'll wake the watch. And, because it's dim and not black, your brain will act like one plus one suddenly equalled a cheese danish.
You just have to plough through the initial, awkward adjustment period and keep going.
And if, after hearing all that, you still want to turn off the always on, hit me up in the comments and let me know why. I'm genuinely curious.
Apple has also extended always on to the workout app and for all workouts. That way, if you're doing anything, stretching, swimming, whatever, you can see your stats without having to reach for your watch… even in the pool.
But, Apple hasn't extended always on to any other app. So, if you're in an app and you cover the display to put your watch to sleep, it'll just jump back to the watch face and go into always on mode from there.
And, when you wake it, you'll stay on the face.
If your watch goes to sleep on its own, it'll blur and dim out the app, just so no personal data leaks out, and transparently layer a simple, digital time stamp at the top right.
And, when you wake it, you'll still be on the app.
It's an incredibly considerate user experience that I'm still getting used to. Being able to just glance at the time without having to move my arm or risk offending anyone I'm with, is transformative.
But it's also a little showy offy.
Now, when I go out, especially if it's someplace formal or fancy, I put a lot more thought into my watch face because I know other people might see it. Likewise if I'm going somewhere fun.
Usually, during the week, infographic modular is my go to. It's basically the dashboard for my day. But now, if I'm meeting people for lunch, or I just want to give my god kids a laugh, I'll swipe over to the new Meridian or California-in-lieu of Hermes. Even Solar or Mickey.
Almost the way a traditional watch collector might mull their collection before choosing their look for the day.
That might well fade with the novelty, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. So much.
I've wanted always-on since day one. In hindsight, I wouldn't have traded any of the other features Apple front loaded first, like cellular or the edge-to-edge display. But I'm incredibly glad always-on is here and I'm even happier with how it's finally arrived.

Apple Watch Series 5 Review: Digital compass

Every year, when Apple introduces the new Apple Watch, they introduce the new S-series System-in-Package, or SiP along with it. That's basically the entire computer that runs the watch, all shrunk down and layered up together.

With Apple Watch Series 2, the S2 went dual-core. With Apple Watch Series 4, the S4 went 64-bit. With Apple Watch Series 5, the S5 is going… well, wherever the hell it wants, because now it's got a magnetometer — a digital compass and knows about direction.
Sorry, yeah. As silicon updates go, it's not just the breaking of Moore's law. It's the temporary cancellation of it.
But Series 5 isn't about performance. We've got that. And it's not about efficiency. The display system is handling that this year. It's just about maintaining everything else while always-on gets layer on top.
At least I hope that's what it's about.
With the A-Series system-on-a-chip, the one used in the iPhone and iPad, Apple has a lot of competition. Samsung, Huawei, Qualcomm, maybe even Intel if you want to look further out.
With watches, they really don't have any.
That's because it's incredibly expensive to make silicon for wearables. So expensive, Apple's one of the few companies that do it and the only company to my knowledge doing it well.
Other companies have reheated old phone chips, then reheated them again. But they simply don't have enough demand from enough customers to have enough budget to do much else right now.
And that's a shame, because completion is a benefit for everyone. It gives us more choice and it gives manufacturers more pressure.
Apple is usually really good about competing with themselves, so hopefully this is just a lull before the next leap. Because, even with always on, we're still not all the way through the list yet.
Not until Apple Watch is stand alone, can stay charged for a week, or both. No pressure.
There is a next-generation version of Apple's W3 chip inside, which handles all the radio communication for the Watch as efficiently and performantly as possible.
And the compass is cool. I was kind of blasé about it initially, because we've had one in the iPhone since the 3GS and I don't really think about it any more. But having it on the watch now has made me realize all the stuff it does and all the stuff the Watch hasn't been doing all this time without one.
Sure, there's a compass app, which is fun and probably beneficial for hikers and campers.
There's also an API, an application programming interface so developers can use it in their own apps. Some are just ok, like food apps pointing you at the restaurant you're reading about. Others are blow away, like astronomy apps highlighting the stars.
It also adds valuable metrics to to workouts, including incline, elevation, and latitude and longitude. And, when combined with GPS, the barometric altimeter, topographical map data, and Wi-Fi, if any, it can show your altitude for hiking, running, and biking workouts as well.
By far, though, my favorite use so far has just been direction in the Maps app. While I was doing the battery life testing for the iPhones 11, I got run down, and so went into Victor Rose coffee for some of the last cold brew of the season.
The line was long, so by the time I got out, my friends had moved on.
Thinking quickly, I told Siri to find Georgia and a few moments later, the map popped up and the directions appeared on my wrist.
I started walking only to realize almost immediately, thanks to the brand new compass on the Apple Watch, that I was going the wrong way.
So, I turned around, turned the corner, and there they were.
Some features are big and fill in huge, hulking gaps. That's always on display. Others are small and serve more to round things out. This is that.
A digital compass nice to have that turns out to be really nice to have.

Apple Watch Series 5 Review: Emergency everywhere

When the Apple Watch got cellular networking, it came with a couple of huge caveats: because of its tiny, tiny size, it couldn't connect to enough radio bands to work in more than one place at a time. Apple had to basically make different models to support different parts of the world. And that meant no roaming.

Except, now, for Series 5, Apple has managed to squeeze in just enough bands, like one per region, to support very, very limited international calling.
International emergency calling, to be specific.
It works almost everywhere — over 150 countries, according to Apple, — even when your phone isn't nearby to piggy back off of.
It does require a cellular-capable Apple Watch, because it needs that modem. But, it works even if you've never activated the watch on a cellular plan and have no existing service.
It's just there. All the time. Ready and waiting to help if your Apple Watch detects a fall or you hit SOS. At home, or abroad.
And that opens up an entirely new roll for the device as an always available emergency beacon, everywhere.
I got a few family members the Series 4 last year just for the fall detection and SOS, so the rest of us wouldn't have to worry so much. Now, I kinda want to swap a couple of them out for the Series 5, the ones that live alone or travel a lot.
I've said it countless times already, but I consider Apple Watch the most important device Apple has ever made because it deliberately, intentionally, by design, saves lives.
International emergency calling is just one more in an increasingly long list of ways Apple is leading that charge.

Apple Watch Series 5 Review: watchOS 6

I'm not going to spend too much time on watchOS 6 right now because, one, it's so good it really deserves its own review and two, it's coming to every Apple Watch with the exception of the original, so locking it up here with the new hardware really doesn't serve existing users.
So, more on the bits later. Let's talk about the atoms.

Apple Watch Series 5 Review: Titanium & Ceramic

There are a few new finishes coming to Apple Watch Series 5. Not aluminum or Nike, alas. Those are pretty much the same silver and space gray for both, and annual shade of gold for the regular, non-Nike. The Nike gold would be pretty good. As would some iPhone 11 style Product Red.

Steel comes in the same polished and DLC-coated space black as it has since launch, though this year Hermes also offers the space black option. And it looks black fire.
White fire is the triumphantly returning Ceramic Edition, which debuted with Apple Watch Series 2 but vanished last year on the Series 4.
Brand new for Apple Watch Series 5 is the Titanium. Lighter and stronger than steel, it comes in a similar DLC-coated space Black, but also in a new brushed metal, with a special surface treatment created by Apple to be as fingerprint and stain resistant as the black.
It's branded as an Edition despite being only a hundred bucks more expensive than the steel because Edition is where Apple's materials team gets to come out and play.
It's watchy-watch stuff for watch-watch lovers, inside Apple and out. And it's just so exactly what makes Apple Apple and the Watch a watch.

Apple Watch Series 5 Review: Bands & Studio

Apple releases new, seasonal bands for Apple Watch every spring, summer, and fall. In the beginning there were also new styles every year. Now, it's mostly about new colors and combinations.
Like I said in the hands-on, there's no ceramic or titanium bracelet, which is a drag. I'd love to see them.
But there are some cool two-tone sport loops, hot new Nike bands, and Hermes prints.
What's more interesting than the bands, though, is how you buy them.
It used to be in set pairs with the case. Now, with Apple Watch Studio, you can mix and match your own custom combos, both online and at Apple retail stores.
Hermes stays Hermes, obviously, but it looks like everything else is fair match game.
And I love it.

This Watch tells time

Apple Watch Series 5
From $399 at Apple
The Series 5 Apple Watch is more than just a watch, and for the first time in its existence, it actually acts like a watch.

Apple Watch Series 5 Review: Bottom LIne

4.5out of 5With the launch of Apple Watch Series 5, Apple may have cancelled the Series 4, but they've kept around the Series 3.
And, at $199, that's entry-level iPad great. As much as Apple is pushing the latest to new levels of greatness, they're now leaving really good, really useful versions of the same products at lower price points and making them accessible to even more people.
People who may not wanted to try it at full price or simply couldn't afford to. Again, as much as some with breathlessly bemoan the lack of reasons to update year-over-year, most people in the world still haven't bought a single Apple Watch.
The play here isn't upgrading, it's on-boarding, and Apple just gave a lot of people 199 reasons to think about the Watch for the first time. Especially as we enter the holidays.
For everyone else, they're giving Apple Watch Series 4: the world's best health and fitness tracker and motivator, connected communications and emergency contact band, and wearable computer platform that, yes, really does brings it all back full circle.
Apple Watch Series 5 is no the world's best watch. Period.

VECTOR | Rene Ritchie

* More Details Here
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Numeric Base Conversion (Week 10 Competition Submission)

Numeric Base Conversion (Week 10 Competition Submission)
Card Text:
Numeric Base Conversion
Normal Spell
Activate 1 of these effects;
· All Level 2 Cyberse monsters you control become Level 10 until the End Phase
· All Level 10 Machine monsters you control become Level 2 until the End Phase
While this card is in your graveyard: you can banish this card and target 1 Rank 10 or Rank 2 XYZ monster you control; banish the targeted monster, then, if all of the monsters that were used for the XYZ Summon are in your graveyard, you can special summon all of them.

Design Notes:
When I saw the theme was 10 or 1000, I immediately wanted to make a binary reference so I did (2 in binary is represented as 10). I was originally just going to make this either only Machines or only Cyberse monsters, but there is a sparsity of good level 2 Machines and there are literally no level 10 Cyberse. As it is, the card is still not particularly strong, being a -1 in card advantage, and requires committing precious Extra Deck space in either a Cyberse deck or a Rank 10 Machine deck. However, it does grant access to a new toolbox for each of them (Rank 10s for Cyberse and Rank 2s for Machines), which could make this an interesting side deck option to try and catch the opponent off guard. (Because who would expect a Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer in a Cyberse deck?)

IMG Source
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